Grill Pardner by Don Strange of Texas, inc.

Large Grill Pardner

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This show-stopping piece is 30” in diameter and 8” high, adding variety to the serving table. The round serving tray can be cleaned easily and is virtually indestructible. The conductive metal of the round serving tray can stay hot, warm, or cold without electricity during events. We recommend using four cans of wick-type chafing fuel to keep food hot, three cans to keep food warm, and dry ice to keep food cold.


The large Grill Pardner will be the darling of your catering kitchen equipment. You will keep coming back to it as your unique and dependable round serving platter. It could be used to serve a tortilla bar, hold a variety of appetizers, display superb seafood, or hold several large cuts of meat. You could even have a hot side for cooking and a warm side for serving food. The possibilities are endless.

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Please keep in mind that all of our Grill Pardners are cut and welded by hand in San Antonio, Texas, giving each product a slightly varied look with individual characteristics. While the Grill Pardner does display a dark finish, there is no paint, so they are not solid black.