Grill Pardner by Don Strange of Texas, inc.

Small Grill Pardner

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This versatile piece could serve as a small chafing dish for travel or be used with various catering equipment. The round serving platter has a 16” diameter and is made of sheet metal in the USA. The base and sides are made of 10 gauge steel. As it uses no electricity, we recommend using two or three cans of wick-type chafing fuel to keep food hot, one can to keep food warm, or dry ice to keep food cold (like fruit, cheese, desserts, or sushi).


The small serving tray could fit a whole pizza and is perfect for keeping your barbecue hot, for serving many small appetizers, for taking camping, or for whatever your imagination dictates! These can be stacked, are easily cleaned, and are virtually indestructible.

Please take a look at our social media sites for photos and ideas of how to use our small Grill Pardner.


Please keep in mind that all of our Grill Pardners are cut and welded by hand in San Antonio, Texas, giving each product a slightly varied look with individual characteristics. While the Grill Pardner does display a dark finish, there is no paint, so they are not solid black.