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Each round serving platter is made of conductive metal which will serve as a food warmer, or as a chilled plate to keep food cold. These portable chafing dishes can go anywhere, hold anything, and clean up with a simple wipe-down. Not only do they look like fancy serving trays, but their design also fits with any decor and is truly timeless. The Small Grill Pardner has a diameter of 16” and is great for family cookouts, parties, tailgating, and all the little things! The Medium Grill Pardner measures 24” across. It would easily hold tortillas and toppings, corn on the cob, appetizers, meats or even a pizza. The sky is the limit! The Large Grill Pardner is 30” wide and can hold many components of a whole meal. Each product has a hollow space under the tray, making them 8.5” high and creating a beautiful tiered look to the serving table. They can even be stacked to display a variety of foods. Each Grill Pardner is made of sheet metal produced in the USA. The top plate and rings are ¼” steel, with the base and sides comprised of durable 10 gauge steel. These are a perfect fit at restaurants, hotels, catering companies, buffets, live-action stations, and more.

  • Large Grill Pardner


    The large Grill Pardner will be the darling of your catering kitchen equipment. You will keep coming back to it as your unique and dependable round serving platter. It could be used to serve a tortilla bar, hold a variety of appetizers, display superb seafood, or hold several large cuts of meat. You could even have a hot side for cooking and a warm side for serving food. The possibilities are endless. This show-stopping piece is 30” in diameter and 8.5” high, adding variety to the serving table. The round serving tray can be cleaned easily and is virtually indestructible. The conductive metal of the round serving tray can stay hot, warm, or cold without electricity during events. We recommend using six cans of wick-type chafing fuel to keep food hot, three cans to keep food warm, and dry ice to keep food cold. Check our Facebook and Instagram pages for ideas and pictures of the Large Grill Pardner!

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  • Medium Grill Pardner


    The medium round serving platter is attractive, functional, and easily cleaned. This will be the catering kitchen equipment that you use over and over. It can be used as a chafing dish to keep food warm, as a cold plate, or to keep food at optimal room temperature when the weather is not cooperating. The round serving tray is beautiful with cheese, tortillas, seafood, dips, barbeque… the sky is the limit here. With a diameter of 24” and a height of 8.5”, this can fit almost anything and bring immeasurable charm. We recommend using five cans of wick-type chafing fuel to heat food, two cans to keep food warm, and dry ice to keep food cold. Check out our social media for pictures and ideas of how the Medium Grill Pardner can be used.

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  • Small Grill Pardner


    This versatile piece could serve as a small chafing dish for travel or be used with various catering equipment. The round serving platter has a 16” diameter and is made of sheet metal in the USA. The base and sides are made of 10 gauge steel. As it uses no electricity, we recommend using three cans of wick-type chafing fuel to keep food hot, one can to keep food warm, or dry ice to keep food cold (like fruit, cheese, desserts, or sushi). The small serving tray could fit a whole pizza and is perfect for keeping your barbecue hot, for serving many small appetizers, for taking camping, or for whatever your imagination dictates! These can be stacked, are easily cleaned, and are virtually indestructible. Please take a look at our social media sites for photos and ideas of how to use our small Grill Pardner.

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