Grill Pardners

Each round serving platter is made of conductive metal which will serve as a food warmer, or as a chilled plate to keep food cold. These portable chafing dishes can go anywhere, hold anything, and clean up with a simple wipe-down. Not only do they look like fancy serving trays, but their design also fits with any decor and is truly timeless. The Small Grill Pardner has a diameter of 16” and is great for family cookouts, parties, tailgating, and all the little things! The Medium Grill Pardner measures 24” across. It would easily hold tortillas and toppings, corn on the cob, appetizers, meats or even a pizza. The sky is the limit! The Large Grill Pardner is 30” wide and can hold many components of a whole meal. Each product has a hollow space under the tray, making them 8.5” high and creating a beautiful tiered look to the serving table. They can even be stacked to display a variety of foods. Each Grill Pardner is made of sheet metal produced in the USA. The top plate and rings are ¼” steel, with the base and sides comprised of durable 10 gauge steel. These are a perfect fit at restaurants, hotels, catering companies, buffets, live-action stations, and more.